Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Time

We are down at Children's Hospital today March 31st to have Owen.  Yesterday we had an appointment with Dr. Quinn (Dr. Broekhuizen wasn't in) for a growth ultrasound and along with estimating Owen's weight to be 8 lbs 10 oz they noticed that the amniotic fluid levels are low so they were concerned that Cassie might be leaking.  So they did some tests to make sure that she wasn't leaking fluids, which she wasn't, although Cassie was hoping she would be leaking so that they.  Dr. Quinn wanted us to come back in this morning at 9 to do another ultrasound to check fluid levels.  We meet with Dr. Quinn this morning and after the ultrasound she said that the fluid levels are too low so she wants to induce right away.  If it was earlier in the pregnancy they would try to increase the fluid levels, but being at 38 and a half weeks, it doesn't pay.  So we immediately went to the birthing center and started getting Cassie ready.  When they checked her cervix she was only 1 centimeter so they gave Cassie something to ripen the cervix.  Now we are just waiting.

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