Friday, February 1, 2013

Tiny SuperHeroes

I'm so excited to write this blog. The past week we have had a huge abundance of likes on our Owen's Cloud Facebook page,, and I have had several new "fans" send us private messages one of which I am going to share the contents with you now!

We were contacted by a woman, Robyn, who is part of an organization called Tiny SuperHeroes. They make personalized capes for kids with health issues to help empower them! She offered to make one for Owen and to feature his story on their blog! I also wanted to mention that this month they have a special sale going on where if you buy one cape from their online store, they are able to give a cape to a special little boy or girl! These capes are so adorable and they even make them for dogs. We are thinking of purchasing one for our beloved Bear.

Here is the link to their blog:

And here is the link for their online store:

Consider donating to this AMAZING cause! :)

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