Thursday, February 23, 2012

Young at Heart

Had the first ultrasound since we went down to Children's Hospital today, Friday, February 17th.  We went up to Aurora Baycare to see Dr. Hayes again for a biophysical profile ultrasound where they track his growth, muscle tone, amniotic fluid levels, breathing and movement.  Owen is such a little stinker, he never likes to lay in a position conducive to getting a good look at his heart.  He is growing nicely though, he was consistently measuring about a week ahead of his due date.  His estimated weight is 4lbs 11oz plus or minus a pound because it isn't really that accurate.  Owen is really flexible too, for most of the ultrasound he had his foot by his face (he gets that flexibility from his mommy).  When he finally moved his foot, the tech got some really nice 4D pictures of his face.

There will be many more updates coming.  We will be having weekly ultrasounds from now until the end of the pregnancy.

On Saturday the 18th, Kevin's mom, Rosemary, my sister-in-law's, Aurora, Rebekah, Kelly, and Kate, and Kevin's aunt Marge and his grandmother, Mary threw me a baby shower for his side of the family.  It was really nice and they made all my favorite foods (well the ones I was craving!). Thanks for all the hard work you put in to throw it!  We got lots of fun stuff for baby Owen! :)

If you haven't heard already, my mom, Cindy, is in the process of planning a benefit for Owen.  It will be the weekend of March 17th/18th.  We haven't yet decided on the exact date, but it will be one of those for sure.  We are having a silent auction and raffle and there will be a DJ as well.  If you are interested in donating something for the raffle and auction you can get a hold of me by email at

Eventually we will post some of the 3D and 4D ultrasound pictures we have of Owen. Maybe this weekend?

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