Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We have a date. July 10th 3pm

Not sure what to write about this time around since we haven't been doing much of anything exciting.  Owen had an echo on July 3rd and everything was looking good and they wanted to wait until 4 months to get him in the books for his second surgery.  Jen was going to work on scheduling that for us.  She called me July 5th to let me know that Owen's surgery is scheduled for July 17th! A few weeks earlier than they wanted! We will be glad when things can become a little more normal around here. Once he is past the initial recovery period for his heart surgery we won't have to weigh him or keep track of his intakes and the best of all, we won't have to fortify his formula anymore! Which means we won't have to go through formula like it's going out of style! 

Yesterday Kevin and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary while Owen and Bear spent part of the evening at grandma and grandpa's house. Kevin and I went to dinner at the Courthouse Pub. We were not disappointed. Other than those things nothing major has been going on. So now for pictures! 

Oh and Owen ALMOST rolled onto his tummy from his back today. So exciting!!

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