Friday, July 13, 2012

Surgery. July 13 5:24pm

I thought I would share the link to our online album from Peace of Mind Piece of Soul Photography.  You can order prints from it also! Here is the link!!i=1929171154&k=qxxcDsd

We also found out today that Owen's surgery is being pushed to the end of August because he is looking so good! His surgeon, Dr. Tweedell is very impressed with how well Owen has been! We are very excited, because now we have time to do some family stuff, like go to the farmer's market (which I am extremely excited about, we decided to go tomorrow morning!) and include Owen for the first time in our tradition of going up to our friend Aaron's family cabin with his fiance Ashley and our friend Matt and Kevin's brother, David and his wife Rebekah, who happen to be Owen's god parents. All participated in our wedding and we have known them for years. We usually celebrate Aaron and David's birthdays at the cabin since they are about a week apart. :)  I can't wait to include Owen in this tradition that we've done for a few years already.

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  1. Sorry I took so long to check your blog. Very happy to hear that Owen is doing so well. Please enjoy the rest of summer with that beautiful baby boy! Love and hugs!!!



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