Sunday, December 9, 2012

Movin' On Up!

Hello everyone!!

It has been a while since we have updated the blog, and for that I apologize. We have been up to a lot lately. Owen has been playing catch-up with his immunizations and has gone through two rounds so far.  He also has been given the flu shot twice and he will continue to get an RSV shot once a month until May(through cold and flu season). We also had our last cardiology appointment in November until March(unless he gets sick or an emergency arises)!! This is the longest we will have gone without seeing Owen's cardiologist! This is a huge accomplishment. :)

Owen's cardiologist was very thrilled with how Owen's heart is doing, that now we are shifting focus to some minor issues Owen has.  He has had a rash for quite a while now, so we were referred to an allergist in the Appleton area. The allergist didn't find anything that Owen is allergic to, so we are back to square one. I have a feeling the next stop might be to see a dermatologist for his rash.  We are also going to see the urologist after the holidays for Owen's Hypospadias and to get him circumcised!

As for milestones, Owen can roll from back to tummy and from tummy to back. He is almost able to crawl, he just has to figure out how to pick his head up and build up a little more upper body strength. He walks and stands if he holds your fingers and he seems to have the "ba" sound mastered already. Owen can click his tongue now and we have even heard a few raspberries from him too! He loves to scream, so I apologize to our upstairs neighbor, Shawna! He has his first tooth coming in, I would say it should be here just in time for Christmas. He is such a chatterbox at times, it is so adorable. He can kind of wave, but only when he feels like it.  He has even graduated from the baby bathtub to a bath seat in the big tub! He can also sit up on his own. We have been doing solid foods for a few months now and we have even started giving Owen Cheerios, which he seems to love more than the baby food, and I swear I find Cheerios all over the house now. And Owen can use a sippy cup now!! Last weekend he took a whole bottle out of a sippy cup.

Owen is now baptized too. We had a nice little baptism with our immediate family and close friends.  We then had a pizza party at Port Sandy Bay.  We have taken Owen on two trips to Illinois to visit Kevin's brother, Andrew and his family.  We went in October and actually stayed the night and went to the zoo for Owen's first time with Kevin's parents, siblings, and their familes.  It was a fun family outing! The next time we went down for Thanksgiving and Owen and his cousins had their holiday pictures taken in matching outfits. We also spent an entire weekend in Madison in October for Halloween with Kevin's brother, David and his wife Rebekah, and we were able to bring Bear too.

Except for our Christmas festivities, we are limiting Owen's public exposure to keep his risk of getting sick low.  Other than that, our life is pretty calm at the moment. At least for two weeks and then we will be dog-sitting Bear's girlfriend Cali...They always seem to keep us on our toes! I will try to post a bunch of pictures this week, so stay tuned!

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