Saturday, January 5, 2013

I almost had a heart attack!

Hello everyone, Owen's mommy here!! We have been so busy in December, as I am sure many of you have been too! We had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I was the only one who managed to get sick. I came down with a case of Bronchitis a few days after Christmas and was given a heavy dose of antibiotics to knock it out of my system quickly, so Owen wouldn't catch it.  Anyways, back to Christmas, we were dog-sitting for my best friend, Trisha, while her and her fiance were out of state visiting family.  Owen really enjoyed having two dogs in the house instead of just one! We had Cali until New Year's Day(so for about a week and a half).  On the 23rd we spent the day at my parents house for Christmas.  We watched the Packer game, ate brats and hamburgers, and watched The Avengers in 3D on my parents new big screen tv! My mom even brought out this little doll rocking chair that my grandmother(Rest in Peace, we miss you!) had for years.  We put Owen in it and he immediately started rocking back and forth and having a great time.  I have a video that I will try to post, hopefully it will work!

On the 24th, we spent the afternoon and early evening at my uncle's house for my mom's side celebration.  Owen had a fun time meeting his cousin Juniper for the first time and he even picked up blowing raspberries from her! He even got to see the biggest dog ever, Boomer. He is a mastiff and his head is the size of Owen, his tongue on the other hand is the same size as Owen's face, which Owen thoroughly enjoyed being licked! My aunt also gave us the coolest wreath(that she made!) and a bunch of ornaments to go along with our peacock themed Christmas decor! I can't wait to use the ornaments next year!  When we got home, we got the guest bed in Owen's bedroom ready because Owen's godparents(aunt and uncle too!)David and Rebekah, and their dog, Yoshi(another lab mix), stayed with us for a few days over the holidays.  It was so nice having them here, I absolutely love having house guests. :)

On Christmas Day, December 25th, we celebrated Owen's first Christmas!! David and Rebekah were able to take part in his first time opening Christmas presents from Santa and Kevin and I.  Then we all set off to partake in three Christmas celebrations, the first being at Kevin's aunt's house.  The second celebration was at the Vet's club for the Krajnik side, and there were 88/106(I hope that's the accurate number thus far) of us in attendance. After dinner we went to Kevin's parents house for his immediate family's Christmas.  While we waited for Kevin's parents and some of his siblings and their families to arrive, Kevin's brother, Adam played guitar for Owen and we all sang. Owen just loved it! He was trying to dance to the music. For the first time, Owen got on all fours like he was going to crawl with his head up! Soon we will be chasing him around and he will be chasing Bear! The 26th we got together for lunch and games with some high school friends and then went to dinner with David and Rebekah at Charcoal Grill(the first time we went out to a restaurant WITH Owen!).  David and Rebekah went home the following day. The 29th we went to my grandparents for another Christmas celebration! Tons of partying for us this year! :) Owen did really well being exposed to such a huge amount of people in such a little time. And he didn't get sick!

We stayed in for New Year's and I made New York Strips, sea scallops in a white wine sauce, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. It was very delicious!

Now to my near heart attack experience.  This evening I was working on the laptop in our living room and Kevin changed Owen's diaper on our ottoman.  He left Owen laying on the ottoman and he left the room to wash his hands or some other menial task, I was talking to Owen when he decided to roll over, so here you have me thinking "Oh my god he is going to roll right off!" I immediately started yelling "Baby" over and over again and I jumped up causing the laptop to fly across the room and here Owen slides of the end of the ottoman, feet first into a standing position, and he just stands there looking up at me. I almost died. (Don't worry, the laptop came out unscathed.)

Owen is 9months! Now for some milestone updates!!

Owen can:
Sit up on his own
Get into a sitting position from laying on his belly
He has 1 tooth!
Get into a ready to crawl stance with his head up! And he rocks back and forth when music is playing
He LOVES Cheerios, Ritz Crackers, and Avocado.
Stand and walk while holding hands/fingers.
Stand holding onto the ottoman/coffee table
Scoots around the floor in a sitting position on his butt
Dump his toy bin all over the floor
Dance while standing(I guess you could consider what he does dancing for babies)
Attack Bear
Shake and nod his head, whether it pertains to what is being said is purely accidental
Say "Dada" and every time I say "Mama" he says "dada"

I will post some pictures soon! I am still having issues figuring out how to do it from our new phones!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Make sure you stay tuned to our blog and our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates on some new exciting changes we are hoping will take place this year!! :)

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