Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Postponed! August 1 9:58pm

I guess I haven't posted anything in a while.  Owen's surgery was supposed to be on July 17th and the Friday before hand we received a phone call saying they are really impressed with the data from Owen's heart that they have been collecting over the past few months from us, Owen's echo, and his cath.  That being said they wanted to reschedule his glenn procedure for late August.  His surgeon, Dr. Twedell, thinks he will do better in the long run if we wait until at least 4 months old.  Owen's surgery has been rescheduled for August 28th, almost a week before he will be 5 months old.  We are very excited because we have a little more time to enjoy our summer! Owen and I have gone to the farmer's market a few times, once with Auntie Trisha.  We spent a majority of last weekend with Auntie Trisha and a few of Owen's other aunties while Trisha and RJ moved into their new apartment. Owen was able to meet his cousins, Sydney and Elliot on July 13th for the first time. Sydney, Elliot, and Kate spent the day at our house while their vehicle was having some work done. We had a fun time!  On the 22nd Owen met his other two cousins, Aiden and Logan, at Kevin's aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary. Other than that Owen and I just hang out all day long, I've been working on planning for a wedding that I am shooting on August 24th.  My father-in-law, Paul, has been very helpful with making some awesome props for me to use in the couple's wedding pictures!  This weekend we are taking a mini-vacation up to our friend's cottage in Shawano.  It's going to be very fun and we can't wait to share this experience with Owen.

Milestone-wise, Owen has been picking up all sorts of toys, holding his head up very steadily, non-stop chattering, and he has even rolled from his back to his stomach a few times!!

And tonight Owen giggled for the first time!!!

So all that being said, I have tons of new pictures for you all to enjoy!





That's right, I'm a ladies man.



For some reason, Owen likes to put his leg up on things.


Getting ready for our weekend up north!

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  1. Owen is looking so healthy and happy! He is qute the little guy and I am so glad you are getting to enjoy him!!



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