Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning rounds 11:14am August 29th

Sorry we didn't update the blog again last night, we had everything packed up to move from the waiting room into Owen's room and we didn't bother getting the laptop back out to post another update.  So last night we were able to go back into Owen's room shortly after 6pm.  Owen had three chest tubes in and he just had a nasal canula to assist his breathing.  Owen was pretty fussy, and man did his voice sound raw from the ventilator that they had him on during surgery.  They increased his medications to calm him down more and then he relaxed a bit.  By 9pm, we were ready to get some sleep so we went back to the Ronald McDonald house.

This morning Cassie called the hospital around 6am for an update on Owen.  Overnight Owen was waking up about every two hours crying so they were giving him morphine for pain.

By the time we got to the hospital this morning, they had already taken out one of Owen's chest tubes because it wasn't draining anymore, and they had changed all of his dressings.

Nothing new really at rounds today.  We were giving Owen some oral cares when the doctors were in here and Dr Ghanayem looked over and said that it looked like he wanted to eat.  So we gave him a bottle of enfalyte and he made short work of it.  He actually took nearly 120ml of enfalyte.  Now Owen seems to be getting upset, he is crying, but it is nice to be able to hear him.  It really sucked after his Norwood when you could see that he was crying but you couldn't hear anything because of the breating tube down his throat.

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