Monday, August 27, 2012

Pre-op appointments!! August 27th 2012 3:15pm

Well today was the big day that we made our journey down to Children's Hospital for Owen's pre-op appointment this morning.  We woke up at 5 am to start getting ready for what has been a long day thus far. We had to be at Children's Hospital at 9 am where we met up with one of the pre-op nurses who took a urine sample and went through all the consent forms that we are required to sign before any procedures that Owen has. Taking a urine sample from a baby is pretty interesting.  They have these little bags that have an adhesive edge and you basically line up the penis with the hole (in Owen's case) and press down the adhesive and hope that the urine doesn't leak out!  After we met with the pre-op nurse we did A LOT of waiting, and by  a lot, I really mean A LOT. We met with an anesthesiologist, who happens to be the husband of one of the nurse practitioner's that Owen saw on a regular basis between these two surgeries.  We also met with a PA in the pre-op clinic and he did an assessment of Owen.

Once we were done with that part, we had to go back to the 1st floor to get a chest xray for Owen, which was actually a little humorous.  They have this little wooden chair that they strap babies and small children into with velcro straps.  For younger babies they have to use masking tape to hold up their chin and our little Owen, being the silly little guy he is, didn't cry or fuss at all, in fact he was smiling at me through the masking tape and it just looked so funny! We couldn't help but giggle.  Don't worry, we snapped a picture.  Then we had to go up to the 2nd floor to the Herma Heart Center for Owen to get an EKG and he is such a squirmy baby that we had to hold him down for that too because he kept pulling the EKG clips off!! We had quite a few laughs with the tech that was preforming it. Oh yes, and we have a picture of that too. Lastly we had to walk all the way down the Skywalk to the lab draw office so they could draw a bunch of blood to run tests before tomorrow(one being an HIV test, which is standard procedure prior to surgery).  Wouldn't you know Owen fell asleep right before we were called to go back.  I ended up holding Owen while they drew his blood and he only cried for about a minute and then fell back to sleep! I thought for sure he was going to scream bloody murder throughout the whole thing.

Then finally when we were all finished running around the hospital, we stopped at the skywalk deli for lunch.  Then we had to figure out where we were staying tonight.  We weren't able to get in at the Ronald McDonald House for tonight(we've been on the wait list for 5 days already too!), so we checked into a room at the Super 8 on Mayfair Road.  A lot of the area hotels have special rates for parents and family that have loved ones in the hospital or that are staying down here while their family member receives outpatient treatment.  So we are hanging out here for tonight and hopefully will be able to get in at the RMH tomorrow!

Owen's surgery is scheduled for 11 am tomorrow morning and we have to be there at 9 am.  The stay for this surgery is much much shorter than the last one.  If everything goes perfectly Owen and I should be home in 5-10 days.  That's all I have for now, so stay tuned and we will try our best to keep updating the blog throughout the day tomorrow.

We recieved a phone call shortly after I was almost finished writing this saying there was an available room for is at the Ronald McDonald house!! So we didn't want to miss our chance and I am glad we left the Super 8 and came here.  It feels so much more like home here. Well I'm off to do some pre-bedtime Snuggling with my little man before tomorrow morning!  Love you all! <3

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  1. Lots of love, hugs and happy thoughts for Owen tomorrow!! I will keep you guys on my mind tomorrow and praying for the little fighter Owen and for you and Kevin too!!!! Keep up the smiles and love and that will get you through it all :)! You guys are so strong and your son is such a fighter and so darn cute too :)!!!



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