Thursday, August 30, 2012

Updates!! August 30 2012 10:29am

Well Kevin went home last night so he could work today and tomorrow, so it's just me and O-man. This morning his nurse said that he was very uncomfortable all night and his night nurse, Kate, gave him morphine a few times. So far this morning he hasn't had any morphine since 6am-ish which I am very excited about! :) He took some pedialyte around 6ish and then when I arrived this morning his nurse, Jamie, and I gave him his first bottle of formula he has had since Monday night at 9pm! He sucked 90ml down like nothing! Then we carefully sat him up so we could burp him so he wouldn't exorcism style vomit all over the room(he has been known to do such a thing).  He seemed pretty comfy being sat up, despite having his chest tubes still in place.  In fact he even fell asleep in that position!!

They also went up on his Clonodine overnight, but brought it back down this morning and increased his Enlapril instead.  When we were at home Owen was taking Captopril for his blood pressure regulation, but they switched him to Enlapril now and I think it's been working better than Captopril did.  During rounds today it was decided that he will get his ART line out and his Foley will come out as well.  I think I'm going to ask to hold him later today. Kevin and I were both very nervous about holding him with his chest tubes still in, but since he is getting a lot of his other lines out, I think I will be more comfortable with it as long as the nurse assists me. Today we are also weening Owen off of Dex, so he should be way more awake, as well as weening his nasal canula to 1L instead of 3.  We also recieved the good news that Owen will be going home on unfortified formula!! Yay! I hate having to fortify formula. Such a pain.

Last night I ran into my friend Amanda, who is a heart mom as well.  Her son was having his first surgery last night and they are just down the hall from us now.  So it will be nice to be able to talk to her while Kevin is at home for work.

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