Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good clinic visit 8:26pm June 5th

So Owen is now on Enfamil fortified to 24 kcal.  After a day on the non fortified Enfamil, Owen lost weight, so when Cassie texted the interstage pager yesterday about that they gave us a new recipe for fortifying the formula to 24 kcal.  Today we had Owen's second interstage clinic visit down at Children's Hospital.  The appointment went really well.  Owen was awake the whole time and just enjoying laying on the exam table in his diaper, kicking his legs, and talking.  Owen is looking really good.  They had one of the surgeons come in to look at Owen's incision because some of the sutures are sticking out.  The surgeon said that Owen's incision is looking really good and the sutures sticking out is actually quite normal but he did trim a few of them off.  He said that we can pick Owen up under the arms if we want to because his sternum should be as good as new at this point, a full two months post operative.  Owen's weight was back up again, so that is encouraging, maybe we finally have a formula that will work for him.  They want to do another echo cardiogram in a few weeks, and since they wanted it a month from his last clinic visit we probably are going to have his next visit in three weeks.  After we were done in the clinic we decided to visit in CICU, since we didn't have to run to the lab to get a blood draw like last week and we had some extra time.  As usual, every was fawning over Owen and how cute he is and how great he is looking.  That's about it, Owen is sleeping right now, pretty much for the first time today, for some reason he didn't really sleep in the car very much, and he was starting to get pretty fussy here because he was over tired.  Isn't that kind of silly how babies will get fussy when they are tired instead of just going to sleep.  Hopefully he will sleep well again tonight like he has the past few nights.

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