Friday, June 15, 2012

Update and Photobomb! June 15th 4:45pm

So since we haven't updated in over a week, I thought I would let you all know what we have been up to! Last week, Thursday the 7th,  Owen had his second pediatrician appointment, which was the first time I took him out by myself! Nothing new to report from the appointment.  They just weighed him and took his temp. Afterwards, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things.  Saturday the 9th, we went to a few rummage sales and ended up coming home with lots of clothes for Owen.  We spent much of the day relaxing and having family time.  Sunday the 10th, we had our first family photo session and Owen's 2 month pictures!  We went through Peace of mind Piece of Soul Photography, in Green Bay.  They were one of the many amazing donors for our benefit back in March. And I must say I absolutely can't wait to see the pictures!! I've been checking their Facebook page, Blog, and website multiple times everyday to see if they posted any teaser photos! No such luck yet.  After we got home, Trisha and Debra came over and we discussed the surprise birthday party we were planning for Deb's sister, Becky.  Their dad is the one we asked everyone to pray for about a month or so ago because he was in a terrible car accident.  Monday morning Trisha came over and watched Owen while I had his phone interview for SSID.  Wednesday, Trisha and I took Owen to the grocery store with us to get the food for the graduation party that evening.  The party was a complete surprise for Becky.  Since then Owen and I have just been spending time at home cuddling and cleaning (Bear has been shedding so bad that I feel like I am constantly vaccumming). We've also been collecting cute summer rompers that have no sleeves for Owen.  They are a godsend on really warm days! Owen is doing so well lately, he is even able to hold his head up by himself, it's still a little wobbly, but he is doing it! :) We have also been getting to know our next door neighbors this week, since they have been redoing their roof on their house and two sheds.  Chris and his wife are extremely nice and his kids and grandkids are as well. It's nice to have that connection. Chris has been giving us the DL on the neighborhood.

So as you all have been waiting for, I have a massive photobomb for you all and probably another one later this evening too (from Kevin's phone).  But since Kevin isn't here, you're only going to get the pictures I have on my phone. :) There are even a few of Bear.  Enjoy!

Note: We have pink baby towels for Owen, because when we went to the store to buy some we could either spend $20 on a single towel or get a pack of three for the same price, well they were all out of the blue ones...We figured he wouldn't notice until he's older! :)

We also gave in and bought a new entertainment center for our living room, since our living room looked a little like a college dorm living room, we figured it was time for an upgrade, it's in one of the pictures (where Owen is watching TV). Kevin and I had a bonding moment trying to get it put together!

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