Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our dog thinks he is a cat 4:19pm June 3rd

So I think Bear might have picked up some habits from Tanner and Silver, Cassie's parents' cats.  The other day Cassie was sitting in Bear's favorite chair with Owen and he really wanted to sit there and look out the window.  So what does he do?  He climbs up on the back of the chair like a cat so that he can look out the window.  I am relaying this now because earlier today Cassie was sitting there again and she coaxed Bear to sit on the back of the chair again and I got a few pictures of this odd behavior.  The funny thing is he stayed on the back of the chair even after Cassie moved  As far as Owen is doing back on the Enfamil without fortifying it, he is taking in more volume than he has in the last few days.  I think he might be developing an oral aversion because it seems that we can't get him to eat unless he is sleeping (or nearly sleeping).  If he is awake and you try to stick the bottle in his mouth he starts fussing.  But if he is sleeping, he takes the bottle just fine.  It seems that every time we change something we have to learn how to handle Owen all over again.  Hopefully we will find something that works.  Now he are the pictures of Bear.  Isn't that funny a dog named Bear who thinks he is a cat.

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