Saturday, June 2, 2012

Struggling 11:44pm June 2nd

So since they switched Owen to the Elecare formula which is the hypoallergenic formula, Owen has been getting fussy for every feed.  We have been struggling to even get him to take a little bit, but we have still been scraping along.  Sometimes Owen will start crying as soon as the nipple of the bottle gets past his lips, it doesn't even have to touch him.  We aren't sure if it is that the taste is different or what, but Owen just doesn't seem to like this new formula.  The other night the nutritionist suggested that we could try flavoring the formula so that he would take more, so we started putting some vanilla, the artificial stuff without any alcohol in it, but that didn't seem to help.  So every day, Owen has been taking less and less formula and for the first time tonight in a very long time Owen didn't even reach his maintenance goal for the day, he fell short by 5ml.  Earlier this evening Cassie was getting very frustrated so I told her to just take a nap and I would take care of Owen, but she didn't feel like sleeping, so she went to hang out with Tanya and Trisha.  Before Owen was even done with his 9pm feed, his last feed in the 24 hour cycle, I texted the interstage pager saying that he probably wasn't going to reach maintenance today.  I knew it was going to be close and since it is the first day he hasn't reached maintenance, they weren't too concerned but they did tell us to switch back to the Enfamil formula in case it was the taste that was turning him off to eating and to not fortify it just to make sure that he will get adequate volume if the thickness of the formula is getting to be too hard for Owen.  So hopefully things will get better.  Until this morning Owen had still been gaining weight each day, but today's drop might be due to the fact that the two feeds before we weighed him were smaller than normal.  They want us to text his weight in the morning to make sure that he is still on track with his growth and not starting to loose weight.

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