Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is there an echo in here? June 6 11:07pm

So this past weekend was Kevin's first father's day. We didn't do much, just spent the weekend with our amazing little guy.  Kevin recieved a new grill for his father's day present so we grilled out on Sunday, brats, tinfoil potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms, and grilled asparagus.

On Tuesday we went down to Children's hospital for another interstage clinic appointment, while in the waiting room we met a little boy who was about 5 or 6 named Tucker and he was running around and climbing on everything, we didn't even notice that he has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome until his mother told us. It really gives us hope that Owen will have a somewhat normal childhood.

Dr. Affolter and two of the interstage nurses, Jena and Jen, said Owen was looking really good.  We are going back down on July 3rd for 8am (that's going to be a pretty rough morning), so Owen can get his pre-Glenn echo.  Based on the results of the echo images we will schedule his Glenn.  Looks like it will be mid to late July, I'd prefer it to be a sooner than later so life can get a little easier.  Once Owen has his shunt out, life won't be so complicated.  Right now there are so many things we have to do and keep track of throughout the day that it sometimes seems a little overwhelming. We have to take Owen's weight every day and we have to keep track of his pulse ox and heart rate every day.  We also have to write down all of his feeds throughout the day to make sure he is taking in at least 100cc's per kilogram.  That can get extremely frustrating when Owen is having bad days where he doesn't want to cooperate and take his bottle nicely.  It's times like those that I wish Owen had a g-tube in, but then there are the extremely good days where I'm relieved that we didn't have the g-tube put in.  All in all, our life since Owen was born has been constantly hectic, but it is definitely worth it. It is so weird to think that in a few weeks Kevin and I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe how time flies! 

As for milestones, Owen is able to hold his head up on his own now and he managed to roll from his side to his tummy this morning.  He has also discovered that he has feet, but he can't quite reach them yet and he LOVES to "talk".  He is constantly chattering (while in a good mood). He also sticks his tongue out. 

Well, I'm going to wrap this up with some pictures so I can go to bed. :) Enjoy!

Just chilling with the Bear.
Napping on mommy.
All smiles! 

He rolled onto his tummy by himself!
Now Owen can match Daddy!

These socks were HUGE on him when he was in the hospital, now they fit perfectly!
 Owen is growing too fast!

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  1. It sounds to me as if Owen is acting like a typical baby...sometimes interested in eating, othertimes, not. I know that you have lots of extra things to do everyday with him to keep records for Children's but otherwise you also sound like a very typical new Mom. Some days go great others not so much, but you are exhausted and madly in love. Know that you are right where you should be as individuals and as a family. Last but not least, I love the pics...yours and the professional ones as well:)



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