Thursday, May 17, 2012

Appointments 9:11pm May 17th

So today was an appointment day.  Cassie had her six week checkup with Dr. Garvin-Cress.  The doctor said that Cassie's incision is looking really good.  She doesn't have a weight lifting restriction because her incision is healing so nicely.  Now Cassie is back to her yearly checkups with a gynocologist.  Owen also had his first appointment with a regular pediatrician Dr. Anne Baumgardt.  Dr. Baumgardt actually did her residency at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  Owen's appointment went quite well too.  We discovered that the pulse oxymeter that they have at the clinic isn't quite as nice as the one they have at the hospital when they tried to put it on his foot and it read 71.  When they tried again it wasn't registering anything.  Finally the nurse decided to just hold the sensor on his foot an then it was registering in the high 80's.  We are going to be having another appointment with Dr. Baumgardt in three weeks.  After we were done at the doctor's office, Cassie and I decided to check out WG&R for a rocker recliner.  When we were at the hospital, rocking Owen was a good way to get him to calm down and we realized that we don't currently have a rocking chair.  So we picked out a nice chair that has compartments in the arms and it also is heated and has a vibrator.  We were really lucky that they have one in stock and they are actually going to be delivering it tomorrow afternoon.

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