Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home at last 10:00pm May 16th

Sorry we haven't updated the blog since Monday, as you guys know I had to go home Monday night so that I could work yesterday, and yesterday was a very busy day for Cassie.  So as those of you who have been faithfully following our blog on Monday Dr. Ghanayem told us that unless something happened, we would be able to bring Owen home on Thursday.  So naturally we started making plans for me to come down on Thursday which means that we would need someone to take care of Jason for the day and we would need someone to come down with me to drive back the other car so that we could ride in one car as a family.  So yesterday things were going as normal, nothing really exciting or troubling to report.  Then shortly after lunch, my cousin Jill came to visit Owen, the first time she has been to visit since Owen was getting his art line put in.  Then shortly after Jill left Dr. Russell came in the room and told us that if we could make it work, we would be able to take Owen home today!!  So naturally after Cassie informed of this new development, and we were able start making plans for who would watch Jason today (my Mom was able to watch Jason today because she finished classes last week and didn't really have anything else planned today), things got really exciting and busy at the hospital for Cassie.  People were in and out of the room all afternoon getting us prepared to take Owen home.  The one hurtle that we still had to get over was the car seat test which they ended up doing last night starting at 10:45pm, needless to say Owen did very well with his test (I think Cassie had Owen in the stroller the entire time).  So needless to say, yesterday was a very busy day for Cassie so she didn't really get any time to update the blog because she left the laptop at RMH and when she got back last night she had to start getting everything ready to go there too.

So this morning I dropped Bear off at Cassie's parents house and picked up Cassie's Mom so that she could help get everything loaded into the cars and drive Cassie's car home for us.  Cindy and I got to Children's Hospital just after 10am this morning.  When we got there Brittney, Owen's primary nurse was actually visiting with her daughter.  Brittney wanted to see Owen before he went home and it was her day off today.  We decided to wait to leave until after Owen's noon feed so that we didn't have to worry about stopping to feed Owen on our way home.  After Owen's feed we got everything packed up and were out of the hospital before 1pm.  After we got everything out of the hospital we went back to get our stuff out of the RMH and get checked out.  Before 1:30pm, we were already on our way home.  We got home just after 3:00pm.  After we got things kind of situated and started to settle in, I went to pick up Bear from Cassie's parent's house.  You should have seen how excited Bear was to see Cassie (he hasn't seen her for seven whole weeks).  For dinner tonight, my parents made us North African flank steak with tin foil potatoes, grilled asparagus, grilled sweet potatoes, and cheese cake.  So now Owen is just chilling in his Pack and Play and Cassie is trying to get some sleep because she is going to be getting up with Owen at 2am.  It feels great to finally have the whole family under one roof.

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