Wednesday, May 9, 2012

G-tube territory May 9 3:21pm

Hey everyone, sorry this took so long to post, but Owen didn't get rounded on until 1pm and then I was trying to keep Owen calm and I ran down to eat lunch.  Anyways, this morning I decided to sleep in since I knew Brittney was working today and since Kevin wasn't here practically poking me with a stick to get out of bed and to the hospital.  I figured I would sleep in since once we are home there won't be much sleep for me! When I got here, Owen's speech therapist was just leaving she said she fed him and that he took 48 cc's. Owen was also asleep so I let him lay in bed until he started fussing. 

Grandma and grandpa Klein came down today for a visit! They haven't been down here since the day Owen had his heart surgery because they were watching our dog, Bear and my dad was sick for a few weeks. So the docs came in to round when my parents were here, luckily I had just handed Owen to my mom. 

They were surprised to see that Owen only took in 54% of his feeds by mouth yesterday vs the 75% he was at the day before.  But I and some of the nurses are starting to realize that Owen has a pattern. He will feed really great for a few days and the he will start to get tired and his feeds will slow down and he will take less per feed.  Last time his bnp went way up because he was stressed out about the feeds. That being said, he is getting a gtube put in as soon as his bnp is in a more comfortable place. I would rather be sent home with a gtube in place so we can make sure he is getting the volumes he needs so his shunt doesn't fail and so we can give his meds through it when he refuses to take them by mouth.

I know a lot of you are worried about the gtube, but it is temporary and it really is not a bad thing, a lot of the heart kids have them and it actually makes life a lot easier for the heart parents because they don't have to worry about dehydration. Plus in Owen's case chicks dig scars. ;)

Owen has been smiling a lot more, mostly when he is falling asleep, but it keeps making my heart melt. I haven't been quick enough to catch a picture of it yet though.

Anyways, back to rounds, they are going to go up on his captapril again today and wait to see where his bnp is at tomorrow to determine when his gtube insertion will be.

Two of the picture I am posting were from our walk yesterday. I had to carry him around the floor for a whole yesterday, because he was not digging the stroller. I eventually got to put him in the stroller and then he had a mad look on his face.  Hah.

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