Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scare 10:10pm May 24th

So we got home this afternoon about 2:30pm.  While I was giving him his 3pm feed Owen was almost done with the bottle and then he puked on me.  It was crazy, I would have to say that it was like 20ml of formula that came back up.  I was sitting in our brand new chair and his spit up went right in between the arm and the seat of the chair.  So much came back up that there was even a puddle of formula on the floor underneath the chair.  Other than that, the afternoon was pretty uneventful.  Earlier today Cassie decided that we had to get an air conditioner because it is supposed to get really hot this weekend and it isn't really good for heart babies to get overheated.  So this evening I went with my dad to Lowes to get a window air conditioning unit, we decided that it was something that we could use some of the benefit money for.  While we were gone, Trisha Blish and Tanya Traurig came over to get some baby time.

So Cassie was feeding Owen at 9pm and like he often does, Owen was occasionally taking breaks to poop as he was eating.  Midway through the feed, Owen was starting to get kind of irritated, so Cassie asked me to change his diaper.  When I went to wipe Owen's butt, I looked in his diaper and there was blood in his poop.  It was kind of weird, the blood was kind of just sitting on top of the poop it wasn't mixed in at all.  The blood was a nice red color, not brown or black which can mean there are seriously issues.  Needles to say when we saw the blood in the diaper we thought we were going to make a return trip to Children's Hospital.  So Cassie immediately texted the interstage pager.  It was kind of frustrating because it took a little longer than the other times for them to call us back.  The doctor didn't seem too concerned, he told us just to keep an eye on it.  If there is more blood or a change in color of the blood we will have to call them again and we will discuss what we have to do, but as long as there isn't a larger volume of blood, even if there is more bloody stool, there isn't really anything to worry about.  We are thinking that his bloody stool might be due to the fact that he got a blood transfusion yesterday because the last time he got a blood transfusion he had bloody stool too.  That time they did all of these tests and weren't able to find anything wrong.  So hopefully Owen won't have any more bloody stools or at the very least nothing worse than we saw so we don't have to make another trip down to Milwaukee.  I wonder if that would be some sort of record, only home for 6 hours and already having to go back into the hospital.

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