Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morning rounds 10:49am May 1st

So apparently Cassie has been taking a bunch of pictures of Owen and hasn't been telling me to put them up on the blog.  I am not sure when most of this pictures are from.  Sorry for all of the pictures in one blog, but we took a pictures of the way Owen was laying this morning and wanted to put it up on the blog so I thought I would put up all of the other pictures that Cassie neglected to tell me she had on her phone.

Jackie from PT came in this morning to work more with Owen.  Owen's muscles are doing much better.  His neck isn't so tight to the right and he was getting a lot of good action with his abdominal muscles bringing his legs up to his belly.  Jackie wants us to work with Owen more in a sitting position so he can work on turning his head without the aid of gravity.

Now on to rounds.  Owen is still looking good.  They didn't put in for the consult with general surgery about the G-tube yet.  Yesterday in his blood work they noticed that one of the things they monitor which indicates heart failure, BNP, was higher than it has been in like a week (don't freak out, heart failure just means that the heart is having to work harder and all heart babies have some degree of heart failure especially those with a hypoplastic ventricle).  Before they even think of doing the G-tube, they want to make sure that his heart is doing well and isn't being stressed too much.  So tomorrow morning they are going to do another blood draw to check his levels again.  After they see how his BNP levels are they will decide if it is a good idea to go ahead with the G-tube at this time.  Hopefully his BNP levels are down or at least not going up so they can go ahead with the G-tube surgery so that we can go home soon.

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