Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the room 12:27pm May 22nd

They wheeled Owen back into the room just after 12pm.  Owen did really well in the OR.  They did do the thing similar to an epidural, but Owen was still flailing around a lot when they got him back in the room.  The anesthesiologist said that he was able to get a look at Owen's vocal chord and it looked like they was still some asymmetry between the two vocal chords, but he wasn't behaving like a baby with total vocal chord paralysis.  His pressures looked good when they were in his heart so that is encouraging.  There did appear to be some narrowing of his right pulmonary artery which they will have to address during his Glenn, but his left pulmonary artery looked pretty good.  They did find one collateral vessel which they plugged up.  It was pretty cool, the doctor that did the catheterization actually brought up the videos that they took during the procedure and was explaining everything to us.  If we go down to the medical records, we should actually be able to get copies of some of his x-rays and stuff.

Now Cassie is holding him and giving him a bottle.  He was really upset while they were getting hooked back up to all of the monitors in the room and he wouldn't take his nook even when they coated it with sugar water.  Once he got into Cassie's arms he calmed right down.  They are putting him on a little bit of oxygen right now because his oxygen saturation is a little bit low, but that should only be temporary.

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  1. Glad Owen is doing fine with all of the procedures. Poor little guy:( Love, hugs and prayers for all of you!



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