Thursday, May 3, 2012

check out my tummy! 4:57pm May 3

So I guess I will start with yesterday, I know I said I would post pictures throughout the day, but I forgot to. We had auntie Rebekah visit and she occupied our time. :) She stayed until about 2:30 because she had to work last night. She also brought Owen a bunch of cute clothes and some more bottles! After she left Owen and I pretty much sat around relaxing (or trying to). I went to the mall around 6 to see if I could find a book I have been looking for about kids with congenital heart defects. It is a photographic memoir of ten different kids/adults that have chd's. It is called My Heart vs. The Real World by Max Gerber if you want to check it out. I didn't have any luck at the mall, I might have to order it online. Before I left for the mall, I went to change Owen's diaper and I found his umbilical stump in his blanket!! He now has a stump free belly! :) During rounds this morning, they decided to put an iv back in so they could give him 55 cc's of blood today because one of the levels they check for was really low. Don't worry, it is normal for heart kids to get blood every now and then. The rest of today has been pretty chill. Trisha and Rj came to visit today. I was really excited to see them! :)
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