Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Me and You Baby. May 2 10:27am

Well Kevin went back last night because he has to go back to work today, so it's just me and Owen for until Friday night! We are going to have a few visitors this week. Auntie Rebekah is going to be stopping by today and Auntie Trish and Uncle RJ are coming down tomorrow to spend the day with us!  We can't wait to have visitors, it helps make the day go faster.

I would have blogged last night, but they changed the WIFI access at the Ronald Mcdonald House to only in the great room and the computer lab.  It's no longer available in guest rooms, as of yesterday, which pretty much stinks. Oh well. Today my friend and fellow heart mom, Angie, and I are going to grab lunch in the Froedart cafeteria together.

Nothing new happened during rounds today.  They are discussing trying to increase Owen's dose of Captipril again if his blood pressure is still high today and tomorrow.  It should go better this time, since last time he was a little dehydrated and was getting Clonodine, another bp med, at the same time as the Cap.  They have changed his Clonodine med time so Owen gets it an hour later and he has the NG tube in his nose so he is staying properly hydrated.  We are also waiting until Owen has his labs drawn tomorrow to check his BNP levels to see if they are trending down.  We can't get the Gtube until his BNP starts trending downward.

With all that being said Owen is 1 month old today!! I took lots of pictures and will be taking more throughout the day! I'll try to get pictures of Owen with some of his doctors and nurses today too. :)  I hope you are ready for this picture explosion.

Some of these are turned because I can't figure out how rotate them. We got to try tummy time for the first time today!! He love it. :)

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  1. Wow!! It's hard to believe that you little miracle, Owen is already one-month-old. He looks so alert and contented and Kevin proudly told me that Owen is already starting to smile more often. Soon he will begin to really interacting with everyone, and he will win over everyone's hearts with his social smile!! He is so adorable!! I'm glad that you (Cassie) are able to take his pictures today, so you may capture the one-month celebration of his birth on film. His incision still looks a little bit sore and inflamed but for the most part, it looks like he is healing nicely. Many, many people and I are saying lots of prayers so he gets hungry, strong, begins to put on more weight, and will have some great blood test results tomorrow. Owen has already come a long way in the past month, and I am positive that you will soon be able to take him home and introduce him to his house and your family dog. I hope that you may feel the effect of many positive thoughts and prayers are being sent your way, to boost your spirits and Owen's health. I look forward to being able to hold him again. :-)



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