Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning rounds 11:55am May 12th

So, apparently Cassie doesn't really like updating the blog very much.  I asked her to update the blog when I got to the hospital last night because there was some stuff that happened yesterday and it would be better if she updated it first hand instead of me doing it second hand, but she didn't so I will do my best.

So yesterday during rounds they decided to do an Echo to look at his heart.  They said that his heart was looking fine, although one of his valves might be a little leaky.  In the afternoon, Owen decided on his own that he didn't need his NG tube anymore and pulled it out.  Since the doctors were already talking about pulling his NG tube they just decided to leave it out and see how he does on his own again.  Since he pulled out his NG tube by himself he has for the most part been doing quite well with the feeds.

Now onto today.  This morning Owen weighed in at 4014 grams, which translates to 8lbs 13.3oz.  Before they got here for rounds this morning Cassie noticed that there were some sutures sticking out of Owen's incision.  She asked Dr. Ghanayem about it during rounds, and Dr. Ghanayem said that it wasn't anything to worry about.  Because he has been occasionally taking the full 65ml of formula during his feeds, they decided that they are going to go up to 70ml per feed and if he takes the whole bottle go up by 5ml for the next feed to see how he does.

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