Friday, May 25, 2012

Good night's sleep 8:19am May 25th

So I don't know if it was just fluke or if this is going to be the norm, but Owen actually seemed to sleep through the entire night.  Shortly after we found that bloody stool in Owen's diaper last night he fell asleep, which was about 9:30pm.  We still feed Owen every three hours, but luckily Owen will sleep while he eats and he didn't wake up while we were feeding him overnight.  He didn't actually wake up for sure until I was changing his diaper about 6:30 this morning after I feed him at 6am. Now we can't say weather or not he woke up in the middle of the night while Cassie and I were sleeping and didn't fuss at all, thus not waking us up, but it encouraging that Owen's days and nights aren't completely messed up.  We thought that we were going to have to work really hard to get Owen into a good sleeping pattern so that we could get some sleep, but maybe we won't.  Around 7:30am I was changing Owen's diaper again and there was bloody stool, but it didn't look any worse than the one he had last night so we aren't too worried about it.  Cassie texted the interstage pager just to be sure.  Now we are just waiting to hear back form the nurse after she talks to Dr. Ghanayem.

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