Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mysterious bruise 2:52pm May 5th

Sorry there haven't been any updates since yesterday morning, Cassie was here all by herself until after 8pm last night and she doesn't always feel like updating the blog (I thought she was writing up an update on her phone when we went to get food earlier, but she was emailing her mom).  So, Owen seems to be doing better today.  No more bloody poop in his diapers.  They didn't really find any reason that he should be bleeding rectally, so they just held his feeds and things seemed to clear up.  They held his feeds until about 4pm yesterday.  It might have been because he was really hungry, but he took three whole bottles in the feeds after they started him on oral feeds yesterday.  When Cassie and I left last night we asked the nurse to call us if there was bloody poop again, and when we got here this morning Brittney said that he had pooped a couple of times overnight, but all of it was clear of blood.  Nothing really new at rounds this morning.  They are talking about going up on his Captopril sometime today or tomorrow.  Hopefully he doesn't react like he did last time to the increased dose.

So Brittney gave Owen a bath this afternoon (he hasn't gotten a bath since like Monday or Tuesday because Cassie didn't want to give him a bath without help and things have been a little crazy with nurses getting switched around and have patients that require more attention than Owen does).  When Brittney was done giving him a bath she tipped him on his side and we all noticed this bruise looking thing on his back.
So this bruise is quite firm and it also looks like Owen is forming a bit of a rash in places.  We have no idea where this bruise came from and we even had one of the doctors come in and look at it.  Either Owen was laying on something for a long time or someone might have been patting him on the back too hard (hopefully that isn't the case).  There really isn't a good explanation as to where the bruise came from so we are going to be keeping a close eye on it.  Brittney actually took some measurements of it for reference in case it seems to be growing or changing shape or doing anything in general.  So now we just have one more thing to keep an eye on, as if we didn't have enough things to watch for already.  Hopefully it is just a bruise and will go away soon.

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