Tuesday, May 1, 2012

G-Tube status 4:02pm May 1st

So Dr. Russell was just in here giving us an update on what the care team discussed in regards to Owen's possible G-tube placement surgery.  If Owen's BNP remains elevated they won't be doing the surgery.  She didn't mention this during rounds this morning, but Owen's BMP was actually starting to get higher last Thursday.  On Thursday it was nearing 400, and yesterday it was just over 500.  With an elevated BNP they wouldn't even send us home if he did have the G-tube in, so if his BNP does come back down then they will consider doing the surgery to put in the G-tube.  Here is hoping that we inadvertently stressed Owen out when we were pushing him so hard with the feeds and now he will be better.

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  1. I guess it's time for everyone to "chillax" and get rid of stress. Put a "No Stress Allowed" sign up, and allow only comforting and healing to occur. Have faith and trust in Owen's care team and God's guidance and comfort for all of you. Keep saying, "This too shall pass", over and over. This is only a temporary set-back and better things are soon to come. Have confidence!!



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