Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back in the CICU 4:55am May 20th

So we are back at Children's Hospital right now.  For most of the day yesterday Owen was doing just fine.  This afternoon, Cassie was getting a little worried because Owen hadn't pooped since sometime Friday afternoon, so she texted the interstage pager.  Wouldn't you know it shortly after they called us back to see what was going on Owen pooped.  Then as it was getting closer to Owen's midnight feed he was starting to get really fussy and didn't really seem that interested in feeding, then he pooped again and seemed to calm down.  So we were all in the bed room and suddenly Owen was started fussing.  No matter what we did he wouldn't calm down, everything we tried would only calm him down temporarily and then he would be crying at the top of his lungs again while we continued to do everything we could to calm him down.  Cassie decided to put his pulse ox on and his O2 saturation was in the low 90's.  When he seemed to calm down a little bit his oxygen saturation dropped a little bit, but then he was getting upset again, so we decided to text the interstage pager again.  After they called us back, we put his pulse ox back on and it was back in the 90's.  After they consulted with a doctor they told us to drive Owen back down to Children's hospital to get admitted.  So then we started scrambling to get stuff together to come back down here.  We had to make sure that we had stuff together for Bear so that we could drop him off by Cassie's parents' house.  So now we are back down here.  We got here right around 4am after leaving our house right about 2am.  Wouldn't you know it that as soon as we got in the car Owen settled down and even went to sleep.  He hardly even made a peep on the drive down here.  They already took some x-rays and now we are waiting for lab to come and draw some blood.  We are actually in room 320, the room right next to the one he was in.  Right now Owen is pretty relaxed and Cassie is giving him a bottle.

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