Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morning rounds 10:12am May 20th

So since we got here, except for when they were checking him over when we first got to the room, Owen has been really calm.  He has pretty much just been sleeping, maybe he got used to hearing the constant beeping of the monitors and can't relax without it (I hope that isn't the case otherwise we are never going to get any sleep at home).  Anyway, they rounded on Owen about an hour ago.  All of his labs looked good his BNP was only 128 and his x-rays looked unchanged from when he was discharged on Wednesday.  There are no signs of any infections and he isn't feverish, so they aren't really sure why Owen was getting so upset, it might just be normal baby stuff, but they have to be really careful with the heart babies in case something is wrong.  They are going to keep us here to observe for a few days just to make sure that everything is OK.  Maybe now we can get Owen scoped out by the ENT without having to make a special trip down here because the ENT isn't in the clinic on Tuesdays when we would be coming in for interstage checkups.  I think we are also going to see if we can get them to modify Owen's med schedule so that it makes more sense for at home.  Giving Owen medications in the middle of the night at the hospital is no problem because the nurses have to be awake all of the time, but when you are getting up more often in the night to give him meds than to feed him it doesn't make any sense.

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