Friday, May 4, 2012

Long Night 9:29 am May 4

So yesterday evening I changed Owen's diaper after Trisha and RJ left and he had bloody mucus in mixed with his feces. I let the nurse know and one of the fellows came to do a rectal exam.  He said everything looked fine.  I left to go get dinner at RMH and when I got back Owen and I were snuggling for quite a while until he started getting fussy.  I changed his diaper and it looked fine, then he started pooping before I closed up the new diaper.  This time is was big (well for a baby) clumps of bloody mucus, so I immediately hurried down the hallway to get one of his nurses (he was paired with the girl next door and they were assigned to two nurses because one was just finishing her last day of orientation) and I found Dr. Russell instead and I immediately said "There is blood in Owen's poop again." She came to check it out and ordered an abdominal xray.  The xray techs were here within 20 minutes.  Dr. Russell looked at the xray before the techs even left the room and she couldn't see much so she sent it up to the radiologist.  Radiology took forever to get back to her, so she asked surgery to review it and they said they didn't see much except poop.  After that Owen was extremely upset because they put him back on IV fluids and held his PO feeds.  I was holding him to try to calm him down and he kept getting fussier and fussier, then I thought well duh, he can probably smell my milk and he is probably really hungry because it's time for his 11pm feed. I mentioned this to one of his nurses and then we did a hand off and he seemed to calm down considerably when she was holding him.  So we went from having an almost wireless baby, to an even more wired baby!  I left the hospital to go get some sleep at the RMH just before 1am. Dr. Russell ordered an xray for 1 am and early this morning, as well as more blood draws.  I felt very safe leaving him here last night because I know Dr. Russell is going to be extremely thorough and he had two nurses.

When I got here this morning, Dr. Russell came in as soon as she saw I was here to let me know that the scans didn't show much, but general surgery is coming in this morning to check him out. So now I'm just waiting for rounds and my friend Sarah is coming to visit this evening.  And Kevin is coming back down today.

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