Saturday, May 26, 2012

Still home 10:07pm May 26th

So we didn't end up going back to Children's Hospital yesterday.  Throughout the day the amount of blood in Owen's poop decreased and eventually just disappeared.  The Aurora VNA nurse stopped by yesterday to do an evaluation of Owen.  When she got here after 11am we hadn't actually heard back from anyone at Children's Hospital about whether or not we should take Owen back down there, but they called back before she left and told us that they weren't really worried.  Last night my dad came over to help install the window air conditioner that we got Thursday night.  Other than that yesterday was pretty tame.

This afternoon my parents and my brother Jason came over.  Dad helped me put together the earlier Father's Day present from Cassie, a nice new charcoal grill.  Mom helped with things in the house like doing the laundry and altering some of Owen's outfits that were poorly designed.  This afternoon I cut the grass, which hadn't been done in two weeks.  I just managed to finish the lawn before it started to rain outside.  Now we are just chillin in our air conditioned apartment for the night.


  1. Sorry for being a creeper in Festival today. It was neat to see Owen in person after reading his story on here.

    1. Don't worry about it Angela. We think it is pretty cool when our blog followers come up to us in public. :)



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