Friday, May 18, 2012

Delivery 10:30pm May 18th

So apparently it isn't a very good idea to feed Owen in the bed while Cassie is sleeping.  Last night for his midnight feed, I decided to sit down on the bed to feed Owen while Cassie was sleeping.  I actually started feeding Owen before midnight and then right at midnight the alarm that Cassie had set went off (she has alarms for every feed and for every medication on her phone).  When the alarm went off, Cassie rolled over as if to silence the alarm and ended up bumping Owen in the head.  Let me tell you he did not like that at all.  It took us twenty minutes to calm Owen down enough to finish feeding him.

So this afternoon we took delivery of our brand new rocker recliner chair from WG&R at 1:30pm.  It kind of dominates the room, but it is going to be really helpful with Owen for feeding and just for calming him down in general.  Bear also has a new favorite spot now.  We moved the green chair that he usually sat in and put this other chair, which he never really sat in, in front of his window.  I didn't manage to get a picture of it, but Bear will sit with his head on the back of the chair staring out the window.  We had a nice surprise this afternoon, my brother David and his wife Rebekah were in town and they were kind enough to take Bear along with them when they took their dog Yoshi to the dog park.

At 3:30pm this afternoon, we got our first visit from the Aurora Visiting Nurse Association (VNA).  Joy did a little assessment of Owen and just got to know us a little bit.  Joy is going to be Owen's case manager and will most likely be the nurse who comes to visit most often.  They are going to visiting at least once a week until Owen has his Glenn procedure.

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