Monday, May 14, 2012

Morning rounds 8:55am May 14th

So yesterday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa Krajnik made it down here to celebrate Mother's Day with us.  They got here around 5pm and stayed until after 10pm.  We took them out for a nice Mother's Day dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, the food was delicious.

This is what Owen looked like just before we weighed him this morning.  He clocked in at 4060 grams this morning.  Morning rounds time.  They actually rounded really early this morning.  Owen is looking really good right now.  Yesterday he took in 494ml of formula by mouth.  His BNP was 176, the lowest that we have seen it this morning when they did his blood work.  Dr. Ghanayem said that as long as he continues to do well there is no reason that she sees why we couldn't go home later this week.  She actually said possibly by Thursday.

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