Monday, May 7, 2012

Morning rounds 10:09am May 7th

Nothing special to report from rounds this morning.  Yesterday Owen took in 389ml orally.  They discussed possibly adding a diuretic or increasing Owen's Captopril dose, but for right now they are just going to keep an eye on his blood pressure and see how it goes.  As for the diuretic, some of Owen's other levels wouldn't seem to support the addition of something that eliminates more water from his system.  They are going to wait at least another day before they consider removing Owen's NG tube again, he just wasn't ready for it the last time.  Cassie brought up a good point in regards to the possible change in Captopril dose and his NG tube.  She thought it would be best to try changing his dose of Captopril while he still has his NG tube in because the last time they changed it he didn't and we had no way to rapidly increase his fluid volumes when his pressures were low.  I guess we might have been jumping the gun with the talk of getting a G-tube put in last week with how his feeds have been going, but he might slow down at any time.

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