Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Interstage clinic visit 9:31pm May 29th

Ok, so for those of you who have been following the blog, you know that on Thursday after we got home Owen started having bloody stools.  He had a few more on Friday, but it cleared up pretty quickly and then over the weekend he was doing really well.  Yesterday Owen puked three times after feeds, which he hasn't been much of a puker, so Cassie texted the interstage pager to let them know what was going on.  They weren't very concerned about his puking (which he has been doing more of lately) because he is still gaining weight and reaching his maintenance goals.  Then after his 9pm feed last night Owen got super agitated and we were having trouble calming him down.  We could calm him down, but every time we moved him he would start screaming again.  Cassie texted the interstage pager again.  We finally figured out that Owen was getting too hot so we cranked up the air conditioner and got out a fan to get more air moving around Owen.  Once we figured that out Owen was a lot more calm.  Then about midnight last night Owen started having bloody stools again.  It has been every poopy diaper with blood in it since it started last night, which is been at least eight diapers.

So today we had our first interstage clinic visit down at Children's Hospital.  Out appointment was for 2pm this afternoon, and since it takes about two hours to get down there, we left our house around 11am to bring Bear over to Cassie's parents' house.  While there we gave Owen his "noon" feed (we gave it to him early) and then we left for Milwaukee about 12pm.  We packed three bottles for Owen, one for at Cassie's parents' house, one for while we were at the clinic and one just in case it took long in Milwaukee.  We also packed stuff just in case they would decide to admit Owen again because of his bloody stools.  The visit went really well, and they didn't decide Owen needed to be admitted.  We talked with one of the nutritionists about Owen's feeds and how he has been getting bloody stools and getting fussy after feeds. We think that Owen might have some allergy to the formula so we are switching Owen to a hypo allergenic formula (which happens to be super expensive) and hopefully that will help with the fussiness and stop the bloody stools.  So Owen has been taking in on average 138ml per kg since he has been home, which is pretty impressive.  Everything else was looking fine.  Owen did have one bloody stool while we were at the visit (we had been saving his diapers at home but we managed to forget to grab them when we left), so the doctors and nurses got to take a look at it.  They weren't really that concerned, but of course we are supposed to keep on watching it.  They decided to do a blood draw just to check Owen's numbers on his BNP and his hematocrit.  His hematocrit was fine, so they sent us home before they got the numbers back on his BNP.  We ended up leaving the hospital about 5pm (horrible time to be leaving, the traffic is pretty bad).  Now we are home and Cassie is giving Owen a bottle of the new formula.  He doesn't really seem to be very excited by this new formula, so hopefully he will catch on and pick right up with this so that we don't have to get him admitted because he isn't reaching maintenance anymore.

We have been forgetting to upload the pictures that we have been taking (yes we haven't just stopped taking pictures of our adorable son) so forgive the picture dump.


  1. You guys are amazing! You remain so positive through all of the drama. Owen is so beautiful. I will continue to pray for you all. Love, hugs, and prayers:)

  2. Thanks MaryAnn, it doesn't pay to be depressed or negative about everything, because Owen is still here and we plan to keep it thay way for a very long time. We are very grateful that he has been doing so well post operation. Thank you for the love prayers and hugs. :)



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