Monday, April 16, 2012

All By Myself 10:49 April 16

Well, Kevin went home for the night to get Owen's car seat, stroller, and bouncy seat and to spend some time with our dog, Bear.  He is also going to get some more food for Bear, since he was probably getting low at my parents house.  He's also grabbing our mail that the lovely Trisha has been taking in for us while we've been away.  I'm happy to announce that the only thing in the mail was Owen's Social Security Card! We have been waiting for it so we can start the process to see if Owen will qualify for SSI.

Kevin left after we ate supper at the Ronald Mcdonald house (So around 7pm) and I drove over to the hospital to spend some time with the other man in my life, Owen. We snuggled in the recliner for a while, then he pooped three times, so I had to change his diaper.  His nurse took his rectal temp after I put the new diaper under his tushy and then he let loose again! I gave him a minute to finish up his business before I cleaned him up again...but as soon as I got the wipe to his butt he started to go again, and let me tell you, he almost got me.  At least it's not the weird alien slime looking poop (meconium) anymore.

I think I'm a still little rusty around babies. I was singing to Owen, but I couldn't remember any kids songs, so I ended up singing At Last by Etta James to him at least half a dozen times.  It's the only song I can remember all the words for! He didn't seem to care that it was the same one though.  It was nice to see him so alert when I was singing to him.

I'm so excited for tomorrow so we can start really working on his feeds and his PT/OT activities! :) That and daddy will be back with fun things for Owen to try out.

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  1. I keep up on this every couple of days. Owen is doing so well and you both seem to be holding up well. Be sure to make a paper copy of your blog. Put it in Owen's baby book. He will have quite the story to tell someday. Think of you and your family often.

    Marietta J



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