Sunday, April 15, 2012

Only one line 10:55am April 15th

Cassie and I just got to the hospital, we went to the store and had brunch at the Ronald McDonald house before we came over today.  Owen is now a one line man.  The only line that he still has is his pick line, they took out his arterial line and his other IV line this morning.  All of Owen's medications are now taken orally, they took him off of his IV medications overnight.  Owen still needs his pick line in because he is still getting a course of IV antibiotics, but once he is done with the antibiotics they can take out his pick line as well.  They also took out the pacer wires this morning.  His primary nurse, Brittney, said it sounds like Owen might have partial vocal cord paralysis because he doesn't have a really strong cry, but tomorrow speech should be coming in to do an assessment on Owen.  As far as feeding goes he is up to 35ml every three hours.  Their goal is to get him up to 55ml per feed.  Now Cassie is going to help the nurse give him a bath and then they are going to dress Owen for the very first time (in something that we brought for him, not just the generic hospital baby clothes).

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