Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morning rounds 10:52am 28th

Time for rounds again.  They were really focusing on his feeds.  So this is what they decided, they want us to try to keep him to every 3 hours for his feeds unless he starts getting really agitated before it is time for his feed.  They are hoping that by waiting he will take in larger volumes per feed.  They also decided to try him on the 24kCal (the amount that they fortify it) instead of the 27kCal that he has been getting.  The more highly fortified milk is a lot thicker and can be harder to get through the nipple and that could be contributing to the fact that he is always falling asleep while he is feeding.  Also the more highly fortified milk is a lot richer and he might just be getting satisfied before he is getting the volume he really needs.  Hopefully these changes will help him do better on his feeds, it has been getting very frustrating, especially considering that he had been doing so well earlier this week.

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