Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy Morning! 11:09am April 17

Good morning, Cassie again! So far it's been a busy morning.  I ended up sleeping like a rock last night and slept right through the alarm I set to get up and pump.  I ended up pumping 10 ounces this morning as a result!

Anyways, when I got to the hospital around 9:15, Owen's speech therapist, Amy, was in here giving him his 9am feed by bottle.  He took 27 mL! That's about 50% of the bottle! Amy said that's a really good start and that most babies start at only taking in 10%.  Owen sure is living up to his rockstar title around here.

After they finished feeding him the rest via his ng tube, I got to give him a bath pretty much by myself.  He was EXTREMELY fussy until I was finished with his bath and then he was content.  I think his outfit makes him look like a cowboy today.

Kevin arrived back from his excursion home just as Owen fell asleep in my arms this morning. Owen should be having a meeting with PT/OT again this morning/early afternoon.  

We just finished up with rounds (that's why it took so long to write this post!) and they are making some BIG changes today for Owen! :)  They just stopped his antibiotics and took out his iv tree and are planning to take out his pick line today!! He is also getting upgraded to a crib. The ENT(ear, nose, and throat doctor) should be coming sometime today to analyze his vocal folds. Dr. Hehir also discussed the Interstage program with us today. 

The Interstage program is how they monitor cardiac babies when they are discharged from the hospital.  We will be sent home with a scale and a pulse oximeter and will have to keep a binder of all his pulses, weights, intakes and outputs.  The nurse practitioners for the cardiac outpatients are going to stop by around 2pm to further discuss the Interstage program and give us our binder.

Its Kevin now.  PT/OT stopped by, but because Speech was going to be coming soon they will have to come back later this afternoon.  Amy from Speech is here now, and she asked Cassie if she wanted to feed Owen now instead of waiting until his 3pm feed.  Of course Cassie said yes, she has been waiting to feed him since he was born.  He took 27ml by bottle again.  Way to go Owen, you are quite the champ.

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