Saturday, April 14, 2012

Driving 8:52am April14th

Cassie decided to try driving today.  Since she was doing just fine in the Ronald McDonald parking lot, she drove over to the hospital and then parked in the parking garage.  She even made it all the way walking across the skywalk. Shortly after we got to Owen's room one of the surgical team doctors came in here to look at his incision.  They had been a little concerned that it might be infected, but it is looking better and the cultures all came back negative for infection.  The night nurse took out Owen's Foley catheter last night, so that is one less tube that Owen has, now we are just going to be changing his diapers more often.  I know his night nurse said that we could hold him, but his new nurse just wanted to clear it with the doctors, so he is checking on it right now.

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