Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meeting people 8:50pm April 11th

Tonight when we were eating dinner at the Ronald McDonald house we got to talking with some of the other parents there.  Amazingly they had children with heart defects too, one was just a mom and then there was a mother and father.  They have all been here longer than we have so they know exactly what we are going through.  The other night we also meet some parents with a child that actually had a heart transplant the day before Owen had his heart surgery.  It is really nice to connect with other families and parents because they know exactly what we are dealing with.  It is nice to kind of talk shop, so to say and just have them understand what we are talking about.

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  1. So glad for both of you to find families going through simular cases as you. It is great to be able to talk and understand what each of you are there for. This type of support is the best for each and every one of you parents.



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