Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doing more and more 10:56pm April 19th

Cassie and I just got back to the Ronald McDonald house from the hospital.  Cassie and I decided to go out tonight and use one of the gift cards that we got from people so we went to Applebee's.  Cassie was also worried that Owen was going to run out of clean clothes that would work with his wires, so when we were close, we stopped at Baby Gap and got him another outfit.  Owen has been doing really well with his feedings today, his most notable being his 9pm feeding where he took 51ml of a goal of 60ml.  Shortly before we were ready to leave, it was time to give Owen his Clonidine, and she asked us if we wanted to try giving it to him.  Of course, we want to do as much for Owen as we can ourselves and we are going to have to do that for him when we take him home.

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