Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visitors 7:43pm April 14th

Some Cassie's family came to visit this evening.  Her uncle Tom and aunt Lynn, her cousin Jenny her husband Rick and their soon Logan, and her cousin Nick.  Of course Logan, being only two years old, couldn't actually come in to see Owen, so everyone took shifts to come in and visit Owen.  They decided to make a family weekend out of coming down to visit us in the hospital and are going to be going to the zoo tomorrow, weather permitting.

Owen has been getting pretty irritable today.  This afternoon he was pretty much inconsolable for a few hours.  No matter what we did he would just fuss until he was too tired and would fall asleep.  His nurse said that many of the babies in the CICU are like that, especially when they are trying to ween them off of the different medications.  Once he got his blood pressure medications, he calmed down significantly.  Luckily they had given Owen his medications before all of the visitors got here and he was pretty much just sleeping and not irritable while they were here.

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