Monday, April 23, 2012

Doing fine 9:14pm April 23rd

So earlier this afternoon PT/OT stopped by again.  We were kind of concerned because Owen has really been pulling towards the right again.  The therapist showed us some techniques that we can use to help loosen up his muscles and help coax his head to the left.

So today we decided to do our 24 hour care because they took out Owen's NG tube.  Because they have his NG tube out, they have decided that Owen can eat whenever and how much he wants to, and boy has he wanted to.  Owen has been getting hungry every hour and a half to two hours today and the least amount of milk that he took was 30ml with the largest being 57ml.  I don't think Owen is going to have any trouble meeting his goal for the day, and I am pretty sure that he is just going to fly right by it.  So far the 24 hour care has been going great.  Before we took Owen for a walk this evening, I decided to make sure the straps in his infant carrier were properly fitted so that we could actually buckle him in this time.  We were actually toying with the idea of doing Owen's car seat test (he will have to be able to sit in his car seat for at least 90 minutes before we are allowed to go home), but the car seat test has to be completed within 48 hours of discharge and since we don't have an official discharge date yet, it would be kind of pointless to do it now.

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