Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sleepy Owen 9:39am April 18th

Cassie and I tried our hardest to get to the hospital before 9am so that we could help with Owen's morning feeding, but the valet people had a different idea.  They have been parking up this little bend full of cars and they were trying to rearrange them as we were pulling up, so we had to wait for them to get things figured out before we could get to the parking structure to park our car and go into the hospital.  When we get up to Owen's room, the speech pathologist was in his room giving him his bottle.  This morning they took away his feeding restriction and are letting Owen take as much as he is going to take in 15 minutes.  This morning, he was kind of sleepy and wasn't feeding very well but he still managed to take nearly half of his goal.

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