Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No more Pick!! 1:44pm April 17

Owen's primary nurse, Brittany, just pulled out his pick line!! He is completely iv free now. :) He has the 5 point heart monitor lines, his renal patch, and his oxygen canula (which is only a 1/4 of a L).  We can now pick him up out of bed whenever we feel like it and won't need the nurses help anymore. Kevin just ran to the car to get the bouncy seat that we are borrowing from Auntie Kelly and Uncle Andrew and we're going to see how Owen likes that later this afternoon.

When we got back from lunch a little while ago, we were surprised by a visit from the discharge nurse! He's not getting discharged yet, but soon!  She came in to tell us that she ordered the scale and pulse ox that we will be renting for at home and they should be delivered tomorrow.  They want us to practice at the hospital using the actual equipment we will be using home.  She didn't give us a date yet, but this a huge step in the right direction!

PT is here and is working on Owen's muscles and we are meeting with Jenna from the Interchange program right now so we will update more later!

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