Friday, April 20, 2012

Morning rounds 12:13pm April 20th

The nurse practitioners for the interstage program stopped by to train us on the scale and pulse ox.  We didn't really learn anything new that they didn't show us when they were delivered, but for weighing him, we should try to do it at the same time every day and for his pulse ox, we should try to take it in the same state every day.  OT/PT stopped by to work with him some more, and the therapist was showing us some stretches that we can work on with Owen to get him turning his head to the left which he has actually been doing a lot better on but he still prefers the right.  She was also talking about working on his abdominal muscles and getting him to bring his legs up to his belly.

Them came around for rounds.  Again, not much significant has happened lately.  They are a little concerned that he isn't really gaining weight so they are going to be fortifying his milk even more so that he gets more calories.  When we were giving him a bath we noticed that there was some separation of the skin on his incision so we asked about that and they are going to have one of the surgical team come and take a look at it.  Owen has been pretty popular with everyone in the room at almost the same time, but it has been pretty relaxed.

Now Cassie is giving him his noon feed.  He just took 42ml from the bottle, nearly 75% for that one feed. Hopefully he breaks 75% overall today.

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