Monday, April 23, 2012

Morning rounds 11:18am April 23rd

We have had a busy morning so far.  First speech was here when we were giving him his morning feed, they came in to do a chest x-ray, and then the social worker was in here just as they were coming in for rounds.  They gave us permission to take Owen off of the oxygen now that his NG tube is out, so finally we can see his face without anything on it.  Apparently they already did his renal ultrasound before we got here this morning, but they don't have results from that yet.  If Owen can prove that he can gain weight for the next couple of days we should be out of here by the end of the week.  They aren't going to be doing another echo cardiogram tomorrow because the one that they did on the 8th was very comprehensive and the cardiologist doesn't feel that another one is necessary.
The only wires and cords that we have to worry about now are his electrodes that monitor his heart and his breathing, the pulse ox on his foot, and the renal patch on his back.  We won't actually get a wireless baby until he gets discharged and we go home.

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