Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yippee!! April 14 5:43 am

Good morning, Cassie again! I just called the hospital to check on Owen and his night nurse, Ann, said he was doing great all night and that he was sleeping and chilling out a lot.  I asked her if we will have to wait until after rounds to hold Owen and she said "No, you don't!"  I can't wait to hold my baby boy this morning! All this waiting has made me so spastic.  And all the doctors know how much I want to hold him. In fact yesterday morning during rounds, I was sitting quietly on the side of the room and the Resident that was conducting the rounds could tell what I wanted to ask and she asked the Attending Dr when we should be able to hold him. It was pretty humorous (well to me at least), it was almost like she could read my mind. :)

All of the doctors have been amazing so far, and most of Owen's nurses too.  There have been a few nurses that I don't care for, but that's what Dr. Ghanayem is for.  She tracks them down and makes sure they do a better job after I complain to her. Pretty sure Owen's nurse from yesterday was super pissed at me for a little while.

We also found out that Owen has a primary nurse now, her name is Brittany and she is amazing with him. She knows what he likes and doesn't like and she's nice to talk to throughout the day.  Primary nurses are nurses that opt to have certain patients every shift that they work.  It's really nice for families because we have some sort of consistency when everything is completely turned upside down.  This has most definitely been an experience of a lifetime so far.  That being said, I'm off to catch a little more sleep before we head over to the hospital this morning. :)

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